From Closed To Open
From Unplanned To Planned
From Special Interests To Consensus
Working Together For Results

From Closed To Open

  • Meetings and deliberations are televised
  • Open budget meetings
  • Community forums
  • Visits to the towns
  • Bi-weekly roundtable discussions with departments, bureaus and allied agencies
  • Bi-weekly community discussion meetings open to the public to discuss issues of importance to them
  • Live broadcasts of all public meetings on cable Channel 24
  • Meetings available on the County website

  • From Unplanned To Planned

  • Put teeth in adequate facilities enforcement
  • Developing capital facilities to meet current and future needs
  • Ensuring future water supplies
  • Enhancing communications for more efficient emergency services

  • From Special Interests To Consensus

  • Developers no longer have carte blanche
  • Residential growth continues to decline
  • Boards and commissions advocate for the citizen
  • Renewed energy devoted to economic development and a vibrant economy.

  • Working Together For Results

  • Parr’s Ridge Elementary School - Done
  • North Carroll Middle School modernization - Done
  • Ebb Valley Elementary School - DONE
  • Manchester Valley High School - Done - Completely funded by the county.
  • South Carroll High School renovation is on-going
  • Freedom water supply system (Treatment Plant) – DONE
  • Route 26/32 improvements – Begun with County funding – Design phase
  • Prescription discounts for everyone – Done
  • Protection of water quality for all citizens – Reservoir Water Protection Act signed Water Resources Ordinance passed
  • North Carroll Senior Center – Done
  • South Carroll Senior Center – Done
  • Drug Treatment Center – Done
  • Creating a high performance staff – Done and constantly tuning
  • Finksburg Library – DONE
  • Providing for emergency medical services – 24/7 emergency coverage countywide
  • Community College Nursing & Allied Health Building – Done – Last year, 100% of the nursing graduates passed the State exam-the first class in the state ever to do so. Classroom Building 4 has also been completed.
  • Agricultural Land Preservation – Approaching 60,000 acres preserved
  • Efficient budget management – We have the fewest employees(3.37) per thousand citizens of any other county in our region.
  • Parks – Leister Park & Krimgold Park – Design phase, West Carroll Park – Money budgeted
  • A cooperative effort between the county, town of Hampstead, State and private sector turned the crumbling old Hampstead School into a modern Senior housing project.
  • Improved our bond rating to AAplus and Triple A, allowing us to finance capital projects at a very low interest rate.

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