The County Commissioners share responsibility with the State for funding some critical services and facilities. As we manage the County’s finances, we must provide for our share of these costs.

  • Agricultural Land Preservation – In the past 3 budget years, the county has funded over $32 million, while receiving $8.5 million in state funding to permanently preserve farm land. We are now approaching 60,000 acres that will always be free of development. We are a national leader in this effort.
  • Ebb Valley Elementary School – $11.5 million in county funds and $8.9 million in state funds
  • Parr’s Ridge Elementary School – opened to relieve overcrowding in Mt. Airy – The County paid $8.9 million and the State paid $5.7 million.
  • Hampstead Bypass – The state funded and built the Hampstead Bypass. Fortunately, the county had preserved the route on its planning maps for decades to ensure that development did not occur here. The county also kept the concept as its number one priority with the state until it was funded.
  • Modernization of North Carroll Middle School – The County paid $11.8 million and the State paid $7.7 million
  • North Carroll Senior Center - $3.2 million entirely funded by the County
  • South Carroll Senior Center - $11.1 million the County will fund and $600,000 funded by the State
  • Full-day kindergarten – 29 new classrooms - $11.9 million to be paid by the County, $9.0 million to be paid by the State
  • Full-day kindergarten operating costs – 40% must be funded by the State according to law – the County’s share in FY 08 is estimated to be $4.5 million annually

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