Julia W. Gouge is President of the 57th Board of County Commissioners of Carroll County. She was reelected in 2006 to her fifth term. This is a first in Carroll County History. Commissioner Gouge is a seventh generation resident of Carroll County and has been in community service for over 40 years and has been a public servant to the citizens of Carroll County for 23 years. Commissioner Gouge embarked on her career in public service as a Councilwoman and Mayor for the Town of Hampstead and was the first woman elected as Mayor in Carroll County. Commissioner Gouge was also the first woman elected as Carroll County Commissioner in 1986. Commissioner Gouge served as Vice President of the Board of County Commissioners from 1986-1990 and was re-elected in 1990 and served through 1994. In 1994, Commissioner Gouge ran as the Lieutenant Governor candidate with Bill Shepard. From 1994 to 1998 Julia hosted a weekly cable show, "A Closer Look with Julia Gouge" on channel 3. She is now the host of "Issues & Insights," a weekly cable show aired on Comcast Channel 24. Commissioner Gouge has twice been selected as one of Maryland's Top 100 Women, and has recently been selected a third time, placing her in the Circle of Excellence. .

Economic development, workforce development, education, environmental and ethical issues have been at the heart of Commissioner Gouge’s service to the County throughout her career representing Carroll County on many national, state, and regional boards and associations. Commissioner Gouge graduated as a Rawlings Fellow from the James MacGreggor Burns Academy of Leadership, University of Maryland, 2008. Gouge also graduated from the Economic Development Institute, University of Oklahoma in 1992. During this present term of office, Commissioner Gouge has served on the Committees listed below:

  • 2008 - Present: Chair, EELU Water Sub Committee (NACO)
  • 2007 - Present: President of WON (Women of NACO) (National Assoc. of Counties)
  • 2007 - Present: President of the Women of MACO (Maryland Assoc. of Counties)
  • 2005-2007: Vice President, Women of NACO
  • 2001-2007: Treasurer, Women of NACO
  • 2001-2007: Audit Committee, Chair
  • 2000-2005: Treasurer, Women of NACO
  • 1999-Present: Board of Directors, Greater Baltimore Alliance
  • 1999-Present: Advisory Committee Reservoir Committee, Baltimore Metropolitan Council
  • 1998-Present: Carroll County Planning and Zoning Commission
  • Economic Development Commission - Commissioner Liaison
  • Carroll County Farm Museum Board of Governors Committee
  • Carroll Community College Board of Trustees
  • Carroll County Chapter of the Maryland Municipal League
  • Economic Development Commission-Commissioner Liaison
  • Carroll County Farm Museum Board of Governors Committee
  • Carroll Community College Board of Trustees
  • Carroll County Chapter of the Maryland Municipal League.

National Appointments

National Association of Counties Board of Directors;1994,1999-2000

  • National Association of Counties Credentials Committee 1999-2005
  • Women of National Association of Counties (WON) –Treasurer, 1999-2004; vice president, 2005-2006; chair, 2007
  • National Association of Counties Labor and Employment Steering Committee, 1999-2006
  • National Association of Counties Environmental, Energy & Land Use Steering Committee; 1999-2002; Vice-chair water Subcommittee, 2006-present
  • National Association of Counties School to Work Transition Committee Chair;1993-1994
  • National Association of Counties Leadership Steering Committee;1993-1994
  • National Association of Counties Welfare Reform Task Force;1993-1994
  • National Association of Counties Ethics Committee;1990-1994
  • National Association of Counties Employment Steering Committee;1992-1994
  • National Association of Counties Steering Committee; 1993
  • National Association of Counties Caucus Voting Procedures Committee; 1993
  • National Association of Counties Conference Planning Committee; 1991
  • National Association of Counties Community and Economic Development Steering Committee; 1991
  • National Association of Counties Task Force on the Implementation of the National Crime Bill; 1991
  • National Council for Agricultural Research, Extension and Teaching (CARET);1984-1994
  • Maryland representative appointed by President of Maryland Institute for Agriculture and Natural Resources;1984-1994
  • CARET Committee for Water Protection; 1989-1995


State of Maryland Appointments

Maryland Association of Counties (MACO)

  • Board of Directors;1988-1994
    • President;1994
    • 1st Vice President;1993
    • 2nd Vice President;1992
    • Secretary; 1991
  • Legislative Committee; 1987-1994; 1999-2001
    • Chair;1993
  • Employee Relations Subcommittee;1990-1992
  • Legislative Planning Committee member;1991-2001
    • Chair;1993
  • Finances Review Committee;1993
  • Labor Relations Committee Chair;1992-1993
  • Conference Planning Committee Chair;1992-1993
  • Budget and Personnel Committee;1991-1994
    • Conference Committee;1987-1988
  • Education Subcommittee;1999 to present

MACO/Maryland Municipal League Relationship Committee member;1987-1994

    • Chair;1994

Maryland Department of Natural Resources Forest Conservation Advisory Committee 1993-1994

Maryland Department of the Environment Air Quality Control Advisory Council 1999-2001


Governor’s Pesticide Council;1990-1994

Local Government Insurance Trust (LGIT) Board of Trustees Chairman;1993-1994

  • Trustee;1987-1994
  • Vice Chairman and Secretary;1992
  • Claims Committee member;1987-1992
  • Underwriting Committee member;1987-1990
  • University of Maryland, Chancellor’s Advisory Council;1989-1994
  • University of Maryland, Chancellor’s Governmental Relations Subcommittee;1987-1994
  • Institute for Agricultural and Natural Resources
    • Presidential Advisory Committee Vice Chairman;1987-1993


Regional Appointments

Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore Board of Directors and Executive Committee member;1999 to present

Baltimore Metropolitan Council, chair 2006

  • Reservoir Watershed Protection Subcommittee;1987-1994
  • Advisory Committee and Reservoir Committee;1999 to present

Baltimore Regional Council of Governments;1987-1992

  • 2nd Vice President;1991
  • Secretary;1990
  • Economic Development Commission voting member;1988-1992
  • Reservoir Committee;1987-1992


Local Appointments

President and Board representative 56th Board of Commissioners of Carroll County 1999 to 2002

President and Board representative 57th Board of Commissioners of Carroll County, 2002 to present

  • Carroll Community College Board of Trustees
  • Carroll County Chapter of Maryland Municipal League
  • Carroll County Economic Development Commission
  • Carroll County Farm Museum Board of Governors Committee

54th Board of Commissioners of Carroll County Secretary;1991-1994

53rd Board of Commissioners of Carroll County Vice President;1986-1990

Board of Commissioners representative for:

  • Agriculture Center Advisory Board;1987-1994
  • Cable Television Committee;1990-1994
  • Carroll County Economic Development Commission;1994
  • Citizen’s Advisory Board for the Sexual Assault Treatment Center;1990-1994
  • Farm Museum Board of Governor’s Committee;1990-1994
  • Maryland Association of Counties/Maryland Municipal League Liaison;1987;
  • Mental Health, Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Advisory Committee;1990-1994
  • Planning Commission Member;1987-1990

Appointments by Carroll County Commissioners (Before election as a County Commissioner):

Carroll County Economic Development Commission Chairman, 1983-1984, 1985-1986

Carroll County Economic Development Commission, 1979-1986

Carroll County Tourism Council, Charter Member, 1977-1980

Board of Directors, Hashawha, 1976-1981; 1975-1976 – Charter Member; served as Publicity Chair, Secretary

Planning Committee for the Carroll County Environmental Center, Hashawha – 1975. Put together the script for a slide program to introduce Hashawha to County citizens.

Town of Hampstead

Former Mayor, Town of Hampstead, 1983-1986 (First Woman elected as Mayor in County

Former Councilwoman, Town of Hampstead, elected 1979-1983

Carroll County Maryland Municipal League (1979-1986)

President, 1983-1984

Vice President, 1982-1983

Secretary/Treasurer, 1981-1982

Maryland Municipal League

Board of Directors, 1983-1986; Elected as member at large representing Carroll County

Carroll County representative of the Legislative Action Committee, 1980-1983

Presented workshop at 1982 Maryland Municipal League Convention on Municipal/County Relations

Presented workshop at 1985 Maryland Municipal League Convention on Annexation

Carroll County Republican Central Committee

Elected 1982-1986 Carroll County Republican Central Committee

Vice Chairman and Chairman

Maryland Cooperative Extension Advisory Council – University of Maryland

Charter Member of Council, 1978-1986

President – 1981-1983, Vice-President 1979-1981, Secretary 1978-1979

Chairman, Legislative Committee, 1980-1985 – Planned/coordinated visits with Congressional

members in D.C.

Member of 13 State North East Cooperative Extension Advisory Council, 1982-1985

Member of National Cooperative Extension Advisory Council, 1982-1986

Maryland Cooperative Extension Homemakers Organization

Member of Homemakers organization, 1959-1990

Attended National meetings 1972-1986

Maryland Extension Homemakers Council, President, 1980-1982

Carroll County Extension Homemakers Council, served four years (two terms) as President

National Extension Homemakers Council

Appointed Special Projects Coordinator, Chairman Trade Show, 1984-1987

Nomination Committee for National Officers, 1982

Chairman, Pilot Project for Maryland Extension Homemakers for Certified Volunteer Units

Chair of committee to write the guidelines for National Extension Homemakers Council of the Certified Volunteer Units "CVU’s" pilot project after Maryland’s plan was accepted by National group.

Presented the finished project in Wisconsin, September 1982

Election Committee for Eastern Region, 1981

Extension 4-H

4-H Leader, 1962-1972

Selected to be member of Maryland 4-H All-Stars

Foster Parents

President of Carroll County Foster Parents Association, 1973-1977

During my terms of office, I was able to obtain a monthly subsidy for foster parents in Carroll County through the Carroll County Commissioners. This was the first time the Commissioners gave the foster parents a subsidy.

Organized training programs for new foster parents and those having children with extreme problems

Member of Maryland Association of Foster Parents, testified in Annapolis several times for annual cost of living raise for foster parents


Member, Shiloh United Methodist Church

Presently serving as children's Sunday school teacher, member of Administrative Council, and Chair Board of Trustees for Shiloh Church

Lay Delegate to National Conference, 1999-2001

Lay Delegate to Baltimore Conference, 1977-1981

Council on Ministries; Pastor/Parish Relation Committee; Administrative Board

Served as Teacher/Sunday School Superintendent for Youth Department from 1965-1982


Community and Civic

Federated Woman’s Club of Hampstead, 1975

President, 1978-1979

Gladys Wimert Lioness Club, 1984-1994

District 22W Roaring Lion Representative in Public Speaking Contest

Program Committee Chairman – 1985, 1992

Audit Committee, 1986

Ways and Means, 1987

Member of Soroptimist Club of Westminster, 1985-1993


Carroll County Agriculture Center (Owned and operated by 7 local farm organizations);

Life and Sustaining Member of Carroll County Agriculture Center

Board of Directors, 8 years

President, 1983-1984, 1985-1986

Chairman, Building Planning Committee, 1979-1983

Chairman of Planning and Building Committee for the Carroll County Extension Office Building. This office owned by the State, University of Maryland, was built on the privately owned grounds of the Agriculture Center. The building project was given the NACo award for 1982.

Work Experience (Career History)

1998 - Present: Board of Carroll County Commissioners, President /P>

"Issues & Insights," Host and Interviewer

1995-1998: "A Closer Look with Julia Gouge," Host and Interviewer

1995-1998: Owned and operated floral business in Carroll County

1994: Ran for Republican nomination for Lieutenant Governor

1990-1994: Board of Carroll County Commissioners, Secretary

1986-1990: Board of Carroll County Commissioners, Vice President

1985-1986: Chairman, Public Relations, Carroll Co. Realtors

1979-1983: Town of Hampstead, Member of Town Council

1975-1986: Glenn Falls Realty, Inc

1972-1980: School Bus Contractor

1963-1988: Co-Owner of family trucking business

1964-1968: Augusta Savings & Loan, Teller

1960-1961: Phoenix Savings & Loan, Manager


2006, 2004: Maryland's Top 100 Women

2003: National Leadership Award, National Council for Continuing Education and Training

1991: 4-H Alumni Award for Carroll County

1991: 4-H Alumni Award for State of Maryland

1985: University of Maryland Meritorious Service Award for Agriculture

1982: Friends of 4-H

1974: Woman of the Year, Carroll County Soroptomist Award

1966: Maryland 4-H All Stars


North Carroll High School Graduate, 1958

Catonsville Community College

Real Estate Courses

GRI Course for Real Estate (Course A) one week

Continuing Education Classes for Real Estate

University of Maryland – Basic Economic Development Course

The University of Oklahoma Economic Development Institute – Years I and II Thesis was accepted for third year attendance and graduation in 1992.

Rawlings Fellows Graduate - James MacGreggor Burns Academy of Leadership, University of Maryland, 2008





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